LISTA is an online brainstrust of women experts on diverse topics designed to serve producers, journalists, editors and conference organizers with a user-friendly professional tool to easily find women speakers and sources. Our online database is constantly updated and includes experts in a wide arrange of fields including medicine, gender, high-tech, law, tourism, foreign policy, education and more fields in which it is generally rare to hear women voices.

Unfortunately, the Israeli media remains heavily dominated by men who not only occupy many of the top positions in the field and therefore earn higher wages, but also appear more frequently as experts, commentators, panelists, interviewees and speakers on a wide range of issues.

Although women constitute 51% of the population, a study by the Second Authority for Television and Radio published in March 2017 found that 71% of the external experts interviewed on Channels 2 and 10 were men, compared with 29% women. 64% of the total screen time was devoted to men, compared with 36% for women. In current affairs programs 77% of the characters were men, compared to 23% women.

The result is that female voices are noticeably absent from conversations surrounding politics, economics, science, security and religion, appearing more frequently in a personal context, as victims and as mothers.

The media is one of the most powerful tools we have to participate in the public debate. By appearing on television, writing op-eds, commenting on issues and speaking on panels, citizens have the ability to express their views thereby shaping the national consciousness and having a voice.

The database of women experts was established in an effort to address their absence from the screen and the press in key areas affecting Israeli public affairs, such as issues of security, economics, foreign policy, religion, etc. LISTA aims to close gender gaps and promote equality and diversity in the Israeli media, for a more inclusive, equitable and democratic society. Many experts will also receive media training workshops tailored to their needs and fields of expertise.

LISTA was established in partnership between ANU and the Chamber of Women Journalists. This journalistic cell is a network of women from the Israeli media working to promote gender equality in the press. The network began its activities in June 2012 and its members are active in projects to promote the representation of women on the screen, coverage from a gender perspective and a respectful working environment free from sexual harassment.

ANU is a nonprofit organization that galvanizes civil society to work together for a more egalitarian and inclusive Israel. By connecting the Israeli public with decision-makers through local and national campaigns we advance equality, social justice, economic fairness, pluralism and sustainability. Our aim is to amplify the diverse voices and perspectives from within Israeli society; to increase the capacity of civil society to impact decision-makers and legislators; and to deepen the sense of civic responsibility among Israelis, mobilizing them to become part of the solution.